Título original
„Broken Figure”, de „Interior Sculpture; poems in the voice of Camille Claudel” 
(Dancing Girl Press, 2014)

FIGURA ROTA from Eduardo Yagüe on Vimeo.


poem / poema

OFFERTORY / OFERTORIO from Eduardo Yagüe on Vimeo.

ODBLASKI -Sebastian Duran /Digital Design/

Digital Design II Wydział Sztuki, Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie
Eksperymenty Multimedialne
Opieka Artystyczna: mgr Daniel Światły
Muzyka: Arciv Ev Noise – „Ontonad

Based on a False Story. Juan Brydos

Twenty rolls of film lay forgotten in a drawer.
I had no recollection of what I’d taken. They were originally exposed between ten and fifteen years ago.
I set about re-exposing them in collaboration with my former self, blending one vastly different life with my current existence, destroying the originals to make something new.
It’s been a unique and surprising experience. I’ll re-expose the last roll in another fifteen years. See you there.

Based on a False Story. from Juan Brydos on Vimeo.

Doppio Me Stesso – The double me – # 0.0d

Frammenti dalle performance di Giacomo Verde il 18 febbraio 2011 a Vimercate.

Ronit Porat, Dom Kereta / Keret House, 2013

Rezydencje artystyczne w Domu Kereta / Artist-in-Residence at the Keret House, 2013

Ronit Porat, Dom Kereta / Keret House, 2013 from Biuro Wystaw on Vimeo.

RETRATOS GROTESCOS (grotesque portraits)

Realizado por Wilmer Pozo Sánchez

Música: Trokai, Jamison Williams, arciv ev noise, Paulo Chagas & Anthony Donovan
Ecuador 2014

RETRATOS GROTESCOS (grotesque portraits) from Wilmer Pozo on Vimeo.